Image consulting aligns your current personal image with the image you desire.

Whether you are entering a new life phase or wishing to advance in your career, these services holistically improve your image, wardrobe and appearance.

Style Consultation

A style consultation analyzes your style personality, face and body shape in order to determine which proportions, patterns, hairstyles, jewelry, shoes etc you should choose to make your features appear at their best. You get to take all this knowledge with you in a first-of-its kind app on your phone.

R1800 (2Hr Consultation)

Colour Consultation

A colour consultation equips you with the tools to not only make better wardrobe and shopping choices, but teaches you what suits your unique formula of features the best. Which one of the 12 colour flows are you? Let's find out! You get to take all this knowledge with you in a first-of-its kind app on your phone.

R1800 (2Hr Consultation)

Wardrobe Consultation

In this session we sort through what is already in your wardrobe and find the items / outfits that work with your body and colour range. You bought these items for a reason, but you are probably only wearing 20% of your closet 80% of the time. Lets get your wardrobe to actually work for you with capsule collections. (Requires completed style & colour consultations)

R1800 (2Hr Consultation)

Wardrobe Organisation

After you have the essential items you need in your closet, it is crucial to organise them in a way that suits your lifestyle and showcases everything you have for easy dressing. A well-organised wardrobe is not only beautiful but allows you to "shop" your favourite items from your own wardrobe daily. (Requires completed wardrobe consultation)

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Personal Styling

Whether you have an important event or photoshoot coming up, this service assists with the styling of male or female outfits, makeup and hair as required for events, personal and brand photoshoots or television.

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Personal Shopping

Undoubtedly one of my clients' favourite parts of their personal brand journey is shopping for new and perfect looks. Regardless of your budget, there is always a way to shop smart and buy the best you can afford in order to get the most wear out of your items. (Requires completed style & colour consultations)

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Virtual Shopping

Sometimes you need advice in the dressing room via your phone. You can call me for assistance per half hour depending on the shopping experience and I will guide you in compiling the best outfits as per your requirements. (Requires completed style & colour consultations)

R300 per Half Hour Consultation

Pocket Stylist App

With your style and colour consultation you receive the first of its kind, meticulously created, professional, practical and state-of-the-art, Pocket Stylist app. You get to take this innovative app home on your phone for future reference as it contains all recommendations you need as discussed in your personalised consult.

Free with your consultation

In-person consults are available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midrand and surrounds. Style, colour and shopping consults are also available virtually.