My name is Brenché Loubser and I’m so excited to welcome you here.

What I do is focus on you.

I have a passion for self-esteem with an eye that sees potential in everything. My optimistic life outlook, opportunistic nature, design thinking skills and having been born with a handicap, have all shaped my identity.

With almost 15 years’ experience in online brand management and marketing, I have combined my holistic approach in online presence with my love for people and their unique strengths, features and personalities.

I aim to journey with you as an individual and give you the necessary tools to successfully showcase, sell and nurture your personal brand online and offline.

I believe it is not only crucial to have your own personal voice, but to also start telling yourself better stories about your body, your life, your experiences and your abilities. 

I also enjoy speaking to small or large groups in business and lifestyle settings, but also believe that at school level, self-esteem can have the biggest impact on a child’s formative years.

Self-esteem is the innate belief we have of ourselves. It is our own opinion of how valuable or worthy we think we are in receiving what we need and want as a human being.

It’s time to focus on you.

For my full professional profile and credentials, please connect with me on Linkedin